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Bond Types

Contractor Bond

Includes Bid Bonds, Performance & Payment Bonds, Labor & Material Bonds, Maintenance Bonds, Service Contract Bonds, Site Improvements, Subdivision, etc.

CSLB Contractor Bond

The Contractors State License Board requires all licensed California contractors to obtain a $15,000 license bond

License & Permit Bonds

Required by a state, county, or local government for a specific occupation. Common examples: vehicle dealer bonds, private school bonds, traffic school bonds, mortgage broker bonds, L&P bonds for contractors, immigration consultant bonds, etc.

Probate/Administrator Bonds

Administrator, Executor, and Personal Representative Bonds

Probate/Conservator Bonds

Conservator, Guardian, Curator and Veteran Affair Bond

Court Bonds

Possession Claims, Replevin Bonds, Injunction Bonds TRO bonds, Appeal Bonds, Lien Release, and many more

Business Service, Dishonesty, & Fidelity Bonds

These bonds protect your customer’s money and property from dishonest acts of your company.

Defective/Certificate of Title Bonds

This bond is used to clear the title of any type of vehicle or floating home.

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